Improve your skills and knowledge, learn from others and discover cutting edge techniques to make you more effective and efficient.


Gain access to top trainers and speakers at our development events.


Listen to inspirational speakers and top assistants tell their stories alongside meeting your peers and sharing your experiences.


Meet assistants from your area working in a broad range of companies in diverse roles.


Work together to support each other whilst enhancing understanding and recognition of the assistant role.


Fellow members become friends, and events are an opportunity to meet new people in similar roles.

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What do we offer you?

The PA Hub organises 10 events annually in both Leeds and Liverpool, for assistants. We provide you with a vital training resource that not only expands your knowledge, skills and expertise immeasurably, but also makes you part of a network of senior and aspiring assistants. Joining The PA Hub is an essential part of assistants’ personal development and includes excellent PA networking opportunities that will really work on a personal and professional level.

Joining The PA Hub offers you a unique
forum to do all of the following (and more):

  • Develop your skills and knowledge through the world-leading training we provide. Formal training is combined with good practice sharing through local peer support and coming soon is a supportive online environment within the secure members’ area of our website.
  • Be inspired by other members and speakers whilst learning more about the assistant role, how it is evolving and how you might wish to develop within your own position.
  • PA Networking at its best. Network with like-minded professionals from a range of business sectors across your region, whilst building strong business relationships and developing your networking ability in a relaxed environment.
  • Join the leading PA networking groups in Leeds and Liverpool.
  • Mix business with pleasure by socialising with fellow administrative professionals whilst gaining all of the advantages outlined above.

Our mission is to offer affordable, accessible, high quality skills development and PA networking opportunities, which in turn offers your employer a range of benefits:

  • Assistants who are engaged in actively furthering their potential
  • Confident, knowledgeable assistants at the cutting edge of their field
  • Improved regional business connections for your company
  • Strengthened regional awareness of your company

To find out more about what we offer and pricing details, please see our membership page.

Member Testimonial

Being an assistant is often a solitary role. The PA Hub provides an opportunity to overcome this feeling with great networking opportunities with like-minded people from across the region. I always look forward to our monthly meeting, especially with the quality external speakers, plus a chance to get to know fellow assistants and see some great venues across the City. I would recommend The PA Hub to anyone in the industry.

Jessica Hardwicke, Executive Assistant to David Mitchell, BHP Chartered Accountants

Member Testimonial

“The PA Hub has been one of the best work decisions I have made in a long while. Not only have Marion and her team helped me get to know the great PAs in Leeds, but I have learnt so much from the excellent speakers over the last 2 years.

Most importantly my confidence in my ability as a PA has increased and who would have thought I could network?!”

Victoria Burkinshaw, Personal Assistant, Lowell Group

Mentee Testimonial 

“Marion took the time to meet with me and to look at what I was doing as a PA. Marion offered sound advice as well as teaching me new methods and giving me ideas to improve myself and the service I provide as a PA. She is an inspirational woman and I can’t thank her enough for taking the time out to tutor me and letting me know her story and how she has accomplished all that she has during her career.” 

Sherien Ahmed, PA to Senior Management Team at Venture Trust & PA ‘Newcomer of the Year’ 2013 runner up

Member Testimonial

“I love coming to PA Hub events as it gives me the opportunity to “break out” and have a natter with people I know or meet new people; so thanks to you Marion and Jon for your determination and hard work.” 

Kay Wright, Assistant to the Clerk, Kirklees College

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