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The GoPC (Guild of Professional Chauffeurs) is a non-profit organisation, staffed by volunteers.

GoPC was created to raise standards within the chauffeur service industry. Our aim is to provide a platform for both its professional members, and also to create a complimentary-access resource database for clients and PAs/EAs,  including an interactive UK map (coming soon, late April).

Why you should choose a GoPC chauffeur member:
  • Each full member has passed through a robust and rigorous ‘pass or fail’ assessment process
  • The benchmark set by the Guild is reassuringly high, and has been created by industry experts
  • Rest assured that the Guild member chauffeur will provide an excellent level of service
  • Increased levels of safety and reliability for your Executive/Principal who is travelling
  • Protect and enhance your professional reputation by booking the best professional service
  • Discover the difference between a truly talented chauffeur and a ‘car service’
  • Benefit from our specialist industry knowledge
We can help you with:
  • A multitude of topics, literally anything related to professional chauffeur services
  • Organising the right chauffeur(s) and vehicle(s) for your client/employer/Principal/event
  • Sourcing specific chauffeur ‘talent’, for example security qualified, female, etc
  • Advice on private aviation services, VIP airport access, general UK airport info
  • Sensitive or discreet tasks, where qualified and licenced security professionals are required
  • Celebrity, VIP, HNWI or Diplomatic protocols and services
Feel free (literally!) to contact the GoPC committee team for help and advice on any aspect of organising a chauffeur service.


Pro-Drivers Awards-2019
Steve Sommerfeld, Executive Committee Chairman
07834 374433 |


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