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Five Key Tips for Entering Yorkshire PA of the Year Awards from Adam Fidler

As a Judge for the Yorkshire PA of the Year (YPA) Awards in 2016, Adam Fidler has given his top tips for entering the Awards this year. Adam is a former Executive Assistant and a world renown trainer in the PA industry, so he really knows what he is talking about! We are also delighted […]

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PA Awards? Are they for you? If not, why not?

Do you ask any of these questions or make these kinds of statements? Why should I enter? What difference does an award make? It is not worth all the hassle! I do not deserve an award. How will I feel if I don’t win? I am too embarrassed to ask my manager for a nomination […]

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The PA Hub in South African Career Success magazine

See this article in South African PA Magazine from our Director Marion Lowrence: Cover: CareerSuccess issue 4 2016.1 Article: CareerSuccess issue 4 2016.28-29

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