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The PA Hub is the leading networking group for assistants in Yorkshire, working with the region’s EAs, PAs and VAs. We provide a constructive environment for our members to network with their counterparts from across the region, gain access to top speakers and trainers from throughout the UK, and to socialise with likeminded individuals.

PA Awards? Are they for you? If not, why not?

Do you ask any of these questions or make these kinds of statements? Why should I enter? What difference does an award make? It is not worth all the hassle! I do not deserve an award. How will I feel if I don’t win? I am too embarrassed to ask my manager for a nomination […]

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Whoopi Goldberg, Primark and Fairy Liquid!

Member Guest Blog by Jane Paxton, Northern Gas Networks Ltd Whoopi Goldberg, Primark and Fairy Liquid! But more of that later!! Earlier this year I approached our Academy to ask if they would support my request for Northern Gas Networks to have corporate membership of the Leeds branch of the PA Hub.  The PA Hub […]

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Training and Development

There have been some forum discussions recently about PA training and development with the question attached, ‘Is it really necessary once your career is established?’ It made me quite perplexed to think someone would think they know everything and not need further development at whatever stage they are at in their career. My view is there […]

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Press Release in Liverpool Echo

See latest press release with only 3 days to go until we launch in Liverpool:

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