The PA Hub Liverpool Conference 2019

Friday 15th March 2019, 8:30 - 17:30 - Pullman Hotel

"We  had a fantastic day of learning at the PA Hub Conference at Pullman Liverpool with an excellent line up of speakers! ...with a great Pre-Conference Evening Event at The Alchemist Liverpool City Centre"



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The aim of the day was for up-skilling and training to help PAs develop in the ever-changing role of the modern assistant. Our speakers are chosen carefully to cover a range of topics to help in your day to day roles covering subjects such as Effective Networking, Leading your Team, Digital Changes for the Future, LinkedIn Masterclass, Influencing Skills, Self Branding, Goal Setting, Building Resilience, Restoring Balance and Overcoming Obstacles.

We aim to improve your knowledge and skills as an assistant, motivate you and offer excellent content at an affordable price in a friendly and informal environment.

Don’t take our word for it – see feedback from our previous Leeds conference below…

A fantastic day of learning and development with great opportunities to meet people with common interests from very different organisations.


Kim Brechin, PA, University of Sheffield

I am still buzzing from The PA Hub conference. It was over too soon. I made some amazing connections and benefitted from extensive networking. It made me feel empowered and more confident, something I have never felt before, as I usually have very low self esteem. It is innovative and exciting and a true honour to be fortunate enough to attend such an amazing event.


Beverley Croft, PA, University of Leeds

A fantastic day of learning, growing and contributing, helping me to be the best EA I can be to the people I support.


Rachel Priestley, Freelance EA, Streamline VA Services

“I will definitely be attending next year!”

Joanne Shires, PA, Walker Morris LLP

“Thank you for a valuable day of learning, it was inspiring and informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish!”

Louise De La Rosa – PA to the Director and Deputy Director of IT, Liverpool John Moores University

“A fantastic day of networking, learning and getting enthused about my job again.”

Liz Dyra, PA to Head of Service, NHS

Marion Lowrence

Marion Lowrence

Conference Host

Founder & Co-Director, The PA Hub

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Conference Host

Marion Lowrence, Founder & Co-Director, The PA Hub

Marion will be hosting the conference and welcoming the speakers throughout the day.


Marion is a multi-award winning former PA, winning Yorkshire PA of the Year in 2011 and Pitman Training Super Achievers International PA of the Year in 2012. Marion has worked in various administration and management roles for over 30 years building up her expertise and networks throughout this time. This has included working for the Civil Service and the NHS before joining Yorkshire Universities as a senior PA in the higher education sector.

Marion was the UK Delegate Lead at the World Administrators’  Summit in Frankfurt in October 2018 and strives to promote the profession.

Marion has presented to various groups of PAs throughout the UK and overseas and she loves to network both in person and through social media. Marion was the Founder of the Yorkshire Universities Internal PA Network which led her to set up The PA Hub with her husband and business partner Jon Lowrence, where they run 2 independent UK PA networks in Yorkshire and Merseyside as they continue to promote the profession as well as running conferences, showcases and PA Awards.

Marion is also the Events Director for Executive Secretary LIVE having run events in London, Johannesburg, Auckland, Sydney, Washington DC & Silicon Valley.

Diana Todd

Sponsor Welcome

Director of Sales & Marketing at Pullman Liverpool

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Diana Todd will be welcoming everyone and starting off the Conference.


Diana Todd started off her working life for a tour operator, progressing into sales & marketing and she travelled the world. Diana’s tenure has been on property as Sales Manager, Director of Sales Manager & off property in a cluster role as a Government Account Manager in Scotland. Diana has opened and launched 2 hotels previously, one of which was a luxury island & private yacht charter experience which attracted a large celebrity following; the other was an island that boasted 83 private villas. Both of these hotels were situated in the Maldives, where Diana lived for 8 years. Diana has been working for Pullman Liverpool  since July 2017 and absolutely loves the diversity of the role and feels fortunate enough to have a unique and stunning hotel to promote.

Deborah Ogden

Make an Impact! The power of your personal brand


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Make an Impact! The power of your personal brand

You already have a personal brand – the question is, are you managing it to create maximum impact?

Focusing on increasing personal impact and how to manage first impressions, Deborah covers why it is crucial to take control of your personal brand and how to communicate it effectively.

People buy people: whether you are networking, building relationships, influencing or progressing your career it’s crucial to connect and make a positive impact on those you meet.

Covering all areas of communication including visual impact, body language and voice you will learn how to manage your personal brand helping you become a stand out, ‘go to’ expert in your business.


Deborah Ogden, Speaker

Deborah Ogden is a nationally respected speaker on personal branding and making a positive impact.

Whether it’s building profile, winning more contracts or pitching and presenting with confidence, Deborah’s expertise has delivered breakthrough results time after time for businesses and individuals across the UK.

She has 20 years of extensive experience working on the PR and image of some high profile names including Andrew (Freddie) Flintoff and Old Trafford Cricket Ground, the British Heart Foundation and Co-operative Insurance (CIS).  Deborah has made an impact with organisations and individuals up and down the country including:  Tesco; Ernst & Young, CILEx, Squire Patton Boggs, the University of Law and Polypipe – she knows how powerful personal branding can be, both on a corporate and individual level.

Her approach centres around building profile and increasing personal impact: including how to make a great first  impression – from body language and visual impact to communication skills – and understanding how these impact on the people around you.

Having trained as a solicitor, Deborah has a strong background in professional services giving her an in-depth and real world understanding of the importance of backing up content with strong presentation.

Deborah is a regular commentator on BBC Radio, has featured in national publications including Essentials and Stylist magazine and had her work published in Your Success, a personal development book, last year.  She is frequently booked as a motivational speaker for both businesses and educational institutions to advise on positive impact and personal brand in business.  

Dinah Liversidge


Daydream Achiever, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Speaker

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No-box-networking:  How behaving like an introvert can make you a champion networker

Networking is often thought of as something that requires confidence and the ability (and desire) to stand up and talk in public with passion and enthusiasm; in other words, it’s a skill that belongs to extroverts and a word that sends introverts running for cover.  As someone who’s built her business on networking, I’ve found this myth is one of the many that prevents people from getting the real benefits that networking has to offer.  I’ve also built a network that includes more introverts than extroverts, and i’ve learned many of my best networking lessons from them.

In this talk I’ll share my own top tips for who to have in your network, why networking is right for everyone – once they’ve found the right people to network with, and how networking with your peers can change your role as an Assistant.


Dinah Liversidge, Daydream Achiever, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Speaker

Dinah Liversidge helps people go from “thinking outside the box”, to “no-box thinking”.  Her business and life experiences bring a “what if anything is possible?” perspective to challenging the way we live our lives and un-limit our potential.  Using her no-box-thinking approach has allowed Dinah to re-invent her life after massive change and to create a life and a future she was told were not on her horizon.

Her background in Corporate started at SmithKline Beecham as a PA to the Marketing Manager for Anti-infectives, which was to lead to 14 amazing years of opportunity, travel and event management.

Her total belief that “there is no box” have allowed Dinah to overcome several, serious, health challenges along her way, not least a road accident which resulted in eleven years in a wheelchair, and a series of heart-attacks in 2014. Today, walking again, and gardening on her Welsh smallholding, she is living proof of the power of thinking yourself out of a box.

Since 2004, Dinah and her husband John, have been entrepreneurs, setting up and running three successful businesses in diverse sectors, they now live a ‘portfolio lifestyle’ pursuing several of their passions.  During this time, Dinah joined the networking organisation, BNI (Business Networking International) and was appointed Managing Area Director for their London North and West region.

Dinah lives in Carmarthenshire in South-West Wales with her husband, John.   She offers Mentoring and Coaching to those dealing with massive change and now works as a Celebrant in the local community.

She is passionate about people, conversations, fast cars and chocolate.

Simon McCaskill

Future Proofing your Role (& LinkedIn Masterclass)

Google European Masterclass Trainer

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Future Proofing your Role (& LinkedIn Masterclass)

The world of technology is changing daily. The age of assistance is here, and that can cause worry for many people who’s roles might be at threat. So let’s remove those fears by sharing with you the latest developments, showing you how to stay ahead and eliminating the noise.

Then we focus on the now, and the opportunity gold mine which is LinkedIn. With over half a billion users worldwide, it’s where most decision-makers spend their spare time. And unlike other social media platforms, these key people are looking for valuable content to read. If you’re not utilising your LinkedIn profile yet, you’re missing out!

Key takeaways
• Emerging technologies you must take notice of
• How to stay ahead in the age of assistance
• LinkedIn is it important and why?
• Best practice for optimising your LinkedIn profile
• Getting noticed on Linkedin and becoming a thought leader
• LinkedIn time hacks and automation.

Simon McCaskill, Google European Masterclass Trainer

Simon is one of Google’s European masterclass trainers, and is the founder of the Leeds Boost digital training initiative. He has created and delivered training programs for the likes of the BBC, Natwest, eBay, and L’Oreal, as well as speaking around the world at key digital events.

His success comes from his unique ability to simplify the online world and show you a new way of using digital as a tool to get the results you need for business growth, personal development, and well-being.  Simon has a real passion for digital future gazing, looking ahead and asking ‘what’s next?’ and considering how people and business use these new advances to their advantage to help improve work and home life.

David Hyner

"SMART" Goals DON'T Work! how to achieve your MASSIVE goals.

Researcher & Motivational Speaker

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“SMART” Goals DON’T Work ! …. how to achieve your MASSIVE goals.

In this FUN, challenging and inter-active session, our speaker will give us researched and easy to apply techniques that give us:

  • Skills to smash our assumptions and limiting thoughts
  • Goal setting (the massive goal principle) enabling you to set and achieve your MASSIVE goals.
  • Average 26.5% increase in productivity if “only” used as a “to-do” list!

… and more


David Hyner – Researcher & Motivational Speaker

A researcher and multi-award winning FUN, challenging and inter-active speaker who has interviewed over 250 top achievers from all walks of life.

In 2017 was awarded “speaker hall of fame” (one of only 6 in their history) for the Academy for Chief Executives.

  • Former BBC Radio show host
  • Multiple Amazon no1 author
  • Charity fundraising record breaker

David speaks to between 10,000 – 50,000 people each year, and this includes big corporate conference keynotes, chief exec groups and team away day events, and … at least 40% of his delivery each year is to staff & young adults in schools, colleges and universities. #legacy.


Heather Wright

Influencing Skills

Author & Director of Advance Performance

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Influencing Skills

It doesn’t matter what we do in life, influencing skills are essential. Let’s face it there are times when all of us need to influence people so that they see things slightly differently, or to get them to do something we need them to do. People who are proficient in this area will achieve more, negotiate better and deal with awkward people more easily. But does it have to be the domain of the natural extrovert or can we all be great influencers?

Heather will show us how to be more persuasive even when we have no authority to ‘tell’ others what to do. She will give us all some tips on how to deal with challenging people as well as how to increase our sphere of influence to get more of what we want from others.”


Heather Wright, Author & Director of Advance Performance

Director | Bungee Jumper | Award Winner | Author | Mother | Wife | Business Woman | Holder of 4 Black Belts

As one of the founding directors of Advance Performance, Heather Wright has spent over 20 years inspiring people to change their lives for the better in huge and tiny ways.

She has spent years studying the psychology of behaviour and influence, how to use it to inspire and motivate individuals, teams and organisations. Heather then converts it to usable, teachable material to change the lives of others. She is a skilled facilitator and an expert on creative thinking and innovation. She uses humour to relax people and has a plethora of tools and techniques which she uses to capture innovation and resourcefulness they didn’t think they possessed.

Heather is an inspirational speaker delivering training, speeches and workshops to public services and large multinational companies in the UK, Europe, Africa and Australia. She has achieved an excellent reputation for her professionalism and accessibility when working with clients and she has enough energy to run a small power station. She designed, hosted and delivered the key note speeches for many organisations including Boots Opticians, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, GCap Media and Pepsi Lipton International.

Married with 2 children, Heather is a published author and has also attained black belts in 4 martial arts. She also enjoys rock climbing, free fall parachuting as well as working on her fitness levels by running, swimming and cycling. She has a list of things she wants to do and somewhere near the top is to BASE jump off Angel Falls. She has run marathons, cycled from Lands End to John O Groats and no doubt there is more to come.

A selection of Heather’s other clients include: Boots plc; Bournemouth Water; Thomas Cook; Pepsi Lipton; Sheffield Hallam University; Various National Fire Services; Young Enterprise; Institute of Sales and Marketing; Lloyds TSB; West Yorkshire Police; Lancaster University; Conoco Phillips; Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; The Printing Charity; Cornwall Council; Furness Building Society.

Anis Qizilbash

Build Resilience, Restore Balance

Author & Entrepreneur

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Build Resilience, Restore Balance

  • Discover the two modes of your brain
  • Reveal why your brain will mess-up your day, every day, and what you can do about it
  • Discover you’re only a breath away from restoring your balance


Anis Qizilbash, Author & Entrepreneur

Anis Qizilbash is author of Grow Your Sales, Do What You Love: Mindful Selling for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers and founder of Mindful Sales Training.

Anis has appeared in The Guardian, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Huffington Post, Psychology Today and more.

See more about Anis here:

Lucy Brazier

How the Assistant can Lead Your Entire Team to Victory!

CEO of Marcham Publishing

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How the Assistant can Lead Your Entire Team to Victory!

The role of the Assistant has changed entirely since the onset of the recession 10 years ago. No longer a reactive, task-based role, PAs and EAs of the 21st century are more likely to be found knee deep in supporting their Executive and  team’s goals, projects and strategic planning.

In this session, international speaker and global expert on the role of the Assistant, Lucy Brazier will share what the new role looks like, why AI is a deal maker not a deal breaker for you and your team, how the Assistant will continue to evolve and why influence is the new leadership that enables an assistant to lead their whole team to victory.

Lucy Brazier, CEO of Marcham Publishing
Lucy Brazier is CEO of Marcham Publishing, specialist publishers of Executive Secretary – the global training magazine dedicated to the professional development needs of senior and aspiring administrative professionals.

As Founder and Publisher of the magazine, Lucy works with some of the best trainers of Executive Assistants in the world to deliver the most up to date and current training in the market. She campaigns tirelessly for the recognition of the PA role as a profession, speaking regularly to everyone from Blue Chip Executive Assistants on why it is important to become a centre of excellence within your company, to college students on choosing the role of PA as a career choice.

Lucy has a unique overview of the role and where it is heading. With access to the most forward thinking, passionate and knowledgeable trainers in the world as well as personally meeting and speaking to literally thousands of PAs over the last five years, Lucy’s knowledge of the market and what Assistants all over the world are facing on a day to day basis are second to none.

Lucy runs a LinkedIn group for assistants which currently has over 43,000 international members who share information, network and learn. She also launched adminchat in January 2012 – a weekly free training session presented on Twitter and hosted by a different world class trainer every week. Now boasting an average of over 2,000 attendees a week, adminchat is a manifestation of Lucy’s commitment to providing the very best training to assistants all over the world.

A sought after trainer in her own right, Lucy regularly speaks at, and chairs conferences & webinars all over the world. In the last 12 months alone, she has spoken in 29 countries at over 180 events.

Lucy has been a Publisher and Events Organiser for over 29 years. Lucy has previously worked as a Publishing Director for Wilmington PLC, and has managed a team based in Singapore, New York, Germany & London responsible for 13 magazines, 12 international conferences, awards, trade show attendance and marketing for EMAP. Other companies worked for include The Times, The Independent, Centaur Communications and Glass’s Guide.

Pullman Hotel Liverpool

The 216 room 4 star Pullman hotel Liverpool offers an experience which is unrivalled in the Liverpool market. We are located on the waterfront and attached to the ACC arena and exhibition centre. For smaller scale meetings we have onsite flexible event space and unique networking areas. We are perfectly placed for both business and leisure. In addition we are excited to have launched our Wheelers of St James restaurant by Marco Pierre White in November 2017 which offers an amazing array of signature seafood and steak dishes and is the perfect venue for upscale dinners/business lunches.

In terms of how Pullman can help you in the future:

Our team offer a consultative approach to events and group bookings. We call on our collective 40 years experience in the industry yet we are still fresh, dynamic and passionate about each and every individual event. We recognise that we are in the hospitality industry and as such can tailor our offer and packages to help our customers achieve their objectives; whether that be to stay within budget, create a “WOW” experience or simply offer the peace of mind that everything will go smoothly.

AV Partner

AYRE is one of Yorkshire’s leading providers of Event Production and Dry-Hire AV.

We work closely with all of our clients to provide the technology needed to achieve the desired look and feel of each event. AYRE work on events of all shapes and sizes; from dry-hire equipment to large-scale creative event production.

We know that every single event has a different objective, budget, and brand; and we work seamlessly alongside you to help deliver the event that you imagined within the budget you are working with.

We don’t do jargon and we don’t do boring, but we do deliver innovative, stand-out events that add an extra WOW factor for your guests.

Get in touch with us today to chat about your event on 0844 414 0502 |

Twitter: @ayreevents 

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Brochure Partner

Bow Gifts is a Multi-Platform Luxury Corporate Gift Company. We add value to Corporates looking for gifts and gift strategies. We provide solutions that boast their brand and tell their story. Bow Gifts provides 6 specialist gift services all in one place. Each Specialism offers and provides something different, and will benefit your business in a variety of ways.

Our Specialisms are:

  • Create your own’ Corporate Hampers
  • Promotional Branded Merchandise Products
  • Personalised Packaging
  • Corporate hampers ‘designed by us’
  •  ‘Manufacture a Gift’ that does not yet exist
  • Branded Food and Beverage Products

Bow Gifts enables you, the client, to access multiple services in one place. This makes the process easy and simple. It protects your brand and ensures continuity of your brand in all you do.

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Thanks to The Alchemist and Tanqueray Gin for sponsoring our pre-conference event!

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