Awards Q & A Spotlight – Meet Sue Morton

What do you love about the role?

Helping the MD/CEO and all Directors – giving them time back to concentrate on the bigger picture. They all knew I had them covered and could trust me to get things done for them, without them worrying at all.

Tell us something unusual you have had to do as an assistant.

Not sure on this one!  One thing that springs to mind would be the annual organisation of the offsite/team building away days. One year our Sales Director was given permission to choose a location. He chose an area close to Snowdonia with high ropes and climbing activities. I went off to book and confirm the details and was shocked at the extreme height and scary activities that lay ahead which I then had to test run and do it all myself first!! But wow, how proud was I taking the “Leap of Faith” on one of the highest poles I’d ever seen and completing all the activities too! I always made sure everyone had an amazing time at these events and the feedback year on year was superb.

Tell us a bit about your most current role and your responsibilities?

Due to COVID19 and then redundancy, my current work is as Personal Assistant/Coffee Shop Manager for a friend of mine.

I am helping to run the coffee shop, training staff, setting procedures, stock control, setting standards, looking after customers, general day to day business and also learning new skills myself …I am now a Barista!

What are your strengths as an assistant?

Organisation, attention to detail, patience, understanding & time management.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career as an assistant?
  • Join networks – especially “The PA HUB”
  • “Knowledge is Power” and we help each other
  • Always keep learning
How do you stay on top of your deadlines and priorities?
  • Take time out to first of all prioritise items
  • Set reminders on calendars to ensure actions are taken
What strategies do you use for time management?

Same as above question, remain calm, set goals that are achievable, list in order of urgency, what can wait etc and set reminders with plenty of time to sort.

How important is the assistant and executive business relationship and how do you make that work?

Very important as you need to work closely together as a “Team”. Building a good relationship is so important to build trust with each other.

Ensure time is set each day (where possible) to go through lists/tasks etc and set goals/actions together for you to work on and give feedback information as to when your Executive can expect results etc.

How did it feel to be nominated for PA of the Year?

So happy & proud.  I knew how much the Directors and all the staff across the business valued me but to see all their amazing comments of support and thanks in writing, really made me feel so great and proud of all I had achieved with them and for them.

How does it feel to be the winner of Chester PA of the Year?

So proud and so grateful

How did your former colleagues and boss react when they found out you had won?

They were all so delighted and said, “Only what we expected and what you deserve”.

You are an active member of The PA Hub – what do you enjoy about being a member?
  • Networking
  • Great Friendships
  • Always Learning
  • Great Cocktails 😀
Finally – what is next for you?

I’m delighted to advise that as from 1st November I will be joining the Business Support Team at Chester Zoo!!

I will be working for the amazing Emma Powell and Kate Isaacson and hoping to help and support them lots!

I am so grateful for this opportunity right now and really without The PA Hub this would never have happened. So THANK YOU for all you do and all the amazing opportunities my membership has given to me!

Thanks so much Sue and huge congratulations on the new role and we wish you lots of good wishes for settling in. Chester Zoo is filling up with some wonderful award winning assistants 🙂
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