New Wellness and Mindfulness Partnership with Mind It

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Lucile Allen-Paisant from Mind It to focus on wellness for all our members and will have both Lucile and Zoe Thompson, Mindset Specialist at Mind It, speaking at the sessions over the next 12 months.

About Lucile Allen-Paisant

Lucile is the founder of Leeds Wellbeing Week and Director of Mind It Ltd. Former Marketing Director of a fast-growing business, with a wide range of responsibilities and passion for her job, Lucile almost experienced burn-out herself and is now a big advocate of burn-out prevention through wellbeing activities. She created Mind It Ltd, a training company to support employees to thrive at home and at work.

About Zoe Thompson

Zoe has been a Mindset Specialist since 2011, combining her knowledge of a number of mind-body approaches to help individuals and companies to improve levels of productivity, creativity and mental health. She specialises in providing Anxiety Treatments, Stress Solutions and TMS (Chronic Pain) Therapy and believes that you were given a wonderfully powerful mind and then never taught how to use it. Zoe is passionate about teaching you how to get the best from your brain, rather than the worst.


We have 6 events planned over the next 12 months covering a wide range of subjects and we would recommend booking on quickly when registration is opened as we are sure these are going to be very popular.
Thursday 15th April 2021

Dealing with Stress (April is also National Stress Awareness Month)

Thursday 17th June 2021

Remaining productive in uncertain times (Covid Special)

Tuesday 10th August 2021

Creating Healthy Habits

Tuesday 12th October 2021

Preventing Burnout (the 10th of October is also Mental Health Day)

Wednesday 1st December 2021

Sleeping better

Tuesday 8th February 2022

Achieving Life Balance


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